Top 7 Rug Trends in 2021

It seems that carpet trends have never been so innovative until 2021. If you love walking on soft, plush carpets that feel like a dream, then we have a couple of rug trends that will blow your mind.

In the past couple of decades, carpets have gotten a bad rep for being your parent’s flooring choice; however, things have changed significantly. We now have rugs infused with style and youth.

Modern carpets no longer play the role of faceless background in the interior, nor are homeowners interested in products that simply look lifeless. Carpets have assumed a really important part of décor, and we will suggest some of the most promising carpet trends for 2021.

Eco – friendly

Pollution problems are closely related to all people who want to embrace eco-style and not just prestigious and fashionable trends. By accepting environmental friendliness, we get to interact with nature in a safe and unique way. That’s why many manufacturers focus on recycled materials.

For instance, nowadays, you can purchase rugs made of different types of recycled materials like sisal products. This eco-friendly flooring solution contains rope-like structures, which provide a unique feel to any space.


Self-expression is one of the primary principles in interior design. Therefore, when purchasing a carpet, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your personality and make some bold moves. Keep in mind that conflicting patterns and inappropriate color combinations define maximalism.

You could, for example, mix and match your vibrant walls with patterned carpet. There is nothing wrong with this combination. In fact, it will highlight your personality and show who imaginative you can be. However, don’t go overboard because even the most eccentric manifestation should be done with a sense of taste and style.

Vintage touch

In some cases, even the most popular rugs can look like they have been stripped from color and pattern. Even though it looks thoroughly rubbed, we aren’t talking about a vintage carpet, but an entirely new flooring solution.

Special dying achieves this type of aging effect while the pile is removed industrially. Be aware that these rugs can look great in your home, cottage, or any other place where you need that special vintage touch. On the other hand, you can check out Turkish or Persian rugs to add visual interest to your staircase.

Go for natural fibers

If you can’t decide between hardwood and carpets, consider natural fiber rugs. We mentioned in the previous sections some of them, like sisal. However, your choice isn’t limited only to this material; you should know that seagrass, wool, and jute are amazing alternatives to hardwood.

We should mention that these materials provide homeowners a similar organic feel and look, but without a maintenance or price tag that comes with hardwood.

So, next time when you are updating your floorings, think about this option are as well. These days, you can find many interior designer rugs with natural fibers, which is a huge trend.

Animal print

Who would have thought that animal print could become trendy, right? But, if you want to accomplish maximalism, this is one of the ways to do it. You should consider setting up bold animal print carpets.

However, keep in mind that this look isn’t for shy homeowners but for people who want to make a statement and add a lot of texture to their homes. Of course, you shouldn’t cover your entire home with leopard or zebra patterns. If you are worried about overwhelming your space, avoid using too many decorations.

Try subtle patterns

Patterned carpets aren’t too challenging to set up, and they can offer plenty of texture to your living space while making a simple room feel finished and elegant. But, as we mentioned earlier, not every home is suitable for patterned carpets.

If animal print isn’t your cup of tea, keep in mind that subtle patterns are equally trendy as leopard ones. They will add a special touch to your room, but without overtaking the space. For example, you can go for low-key patterns in neutral colors, like white or gray, for a contemporary feel and look.

Make it simple

Last but not least, this rug design trend relates to making things simple. Sometimes you don’t need bold colors or flashy patterns to make a statement. In most cases, classics are too good to fade away. If you are laying carpet in the living room or family rooms, then neutral-colored carpet could be the best option.

Do worry about feeling outdated. Buy a woven or low-pile carpet instead of high-pile. You could pair your leather or dark furniture with beige carpet. This is a great combination for many living rooms. And, after all, the classic look is always trendy, so you can hardly make a mistake with this one.